Nipah Virus: Schools, Colleges In Kerala’s Kozhikode To Remain Shut Till Sep 24

Nipah Virus- Due to the Nipah contagion outbreak in Kozhikode quarter, the Kerala Government has extended academy and council leaves until September 24. This applies to all seminaries, sodalities, and education centers, but online classes will continue as usual.

Nipah Virus
Nipah Virus

This decision follows the evidence of one further Nipah contagion case, bringing the total to six cases, with two unfortunate deaths. The State Health Minister, Veena George, mentioned that the list of infected people now includes 1,080 individuals, with 130 new additions in a single day. Among them, 327 are healthcare workers, and 29 are from nearby sections like Malappuram, Kannur, Thrissur, and Wayanad. especially, 175 cases and 122 healthcare workers are at high threat, and this number may increase.

also, the test results for the person who passed away on August 30 returned positive for Nipah contagion, indicating implicit transmission to others.

On September 12, the state issued a Nipah contagion alert after two deaths with fever and contagion symptoms. Tests at the National Institute of Virology in Pune verified these deaths were due to Nipah contagion.

Nipah Virus Mortality Rate important Advanced Than Covid

Rajiv Bahl, the Director General of the Indian Council of Medical Research( ICMR), revealed that the Nipah contagion has a much-advanced mortality rate than COVID-19. He stated,” The mortality rate for Nipah contagion-infected individualities is alarmingly high, ranging from 40 to 70 percent, compared to Covid’s 2- 3 percent.”

Bahl emphasized ongoing sweat to control the Nipah contagion outbreak due to its high mortality rate. He also noted that all infected individuals had direct contact with the original case, known as” patient zero.”

Meanwhile, the number of active Nipah contagion cases in Kerala has risen to four after a 39- time-old man tested positive. He contracted the contagion through direct contact with an infected person who passed away on August 30.

With the increase in active cases, the state government plans to test all individuals listed as high-threat connections of the infected persons.

exploration by the World Health Organization( WHO) and ICMR suggests that the entire state, not just Kozhikode, is at threat of similar infections. thus, people living in forested areas are prompted to take redundant preventives.

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