Morocco Earthquake: 2,800 Lives Lost, Ongoing Rescue Efforts and International Aid

Morocco Earthquake- Last Friday, Morocco was hit by a strong earthquake measuring6.8 in magnitude, performing in a woeful loss of further than 2,800 lives, according to reports from Al Jazeera.

Deliverance sweats are ongoing in the country to detect survivors amidst the debris.

Morocco has entered backing from other nations, including Spain, the United Kingdom, and Qatar, who have dispatched hunt and deliverance brigades to prop in the operation. The earthquake’s center was located roughly 72 kilometers( 45 long hauls) southwest of Marrakesh, within the High Atlas Mountains. State TV has verified that the death risk has now reached 2,862, with an fresh 2,562 individualities sustaining injuries.

Morocco Earthquake
Morocco Earthquake

One of the challenges faced by deliverance brigades is the frequent of traditional slush slipup structures in the affected area, numerous of which collapsed during the earthquake, making it challenging to find survivors.

Tafeghaghte, a village located about 60 kilometers( 37 long hauls) from Marrakesh, suffered expansive damage, with nearly all structures destroyed. Mercenary levies and Moroccan service labor force are working lifelessly to search for survivors and recover the bodies of those who didn’t survive.

Did Prime Minister Modi Extend Condolences for Morocco Earthquake Tragedy?

Yes! Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his condolences for the lives lost in the earthquake, stating,” I’m deeply burdened by the loss of lives in the Morocco earthquake. My studies are with the people of Morocco during this delicate time. I offer my condolences to those who have lost loved bones . I hope those who suffered injuries have a quick recovery. India stands ready to help Morocco in any way we can.”

The earthquake passed at 03:41:01( UTC 05:30) at a depth of18.5 kilometers. Its significant magnitude redounded in temblors felt from Sidi Ifni in the south to Rabat in the north, causing expansive destruction in its wake.

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