Bihar’s Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, Says No to INDIA Bloc’s Plan to Avoid 14 News Anchors’ Shows.

On Saturday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar raised his disagreement with the recent decision made by the INDIA bloc to swap TV shows and events hosted by 14 intelligencers and news anchors in Bihar. He emphatically stated,” I hold no enmity towards any intelligencer, and blacking them is unjust.”

Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar

When asked about his response to the INDIA bloc’s decision to swap the shows featuring these 14 news anchors, Nitish Kumar forcefully expressed his support for intelligencers. He explained,” I see no reason for such a boycott. I stand in favor of intelligencers. intelligencers, when granted complete freedom, will write what they believe is applicable and accurate.

Can intelligencers be restrained? Have I ever tried to control them? intelligencers retain the right to express their opinions. I harbor no ill will towards anyone. Blacking isn’t the result.

Some individuals presently in power have wielded influence over certain individualities involved in journalism, and these individualities have engaged in misconduct. Are not you apprehensive of these data? I’ve always held the media in high regard.”

While inaugurating a girls’ advanced secondary academy named after his partner, Manju Sinha, in Bakhtiyarpur, Patna quarter, Nitish Kumar underlined that individualities and parties associated with the INDIA bloc might believe that there are irregularities within the field of journalism.

He continued,” still, I bear no grudge against any news anchors. When all intelligencers enjoy complete freedom of expression, they will be suitable to write in their own way, in agreement with their judgment of what’s proper and befitting,” stated the JD( U) leader.

Nitish Kumar Statement

Nitish Kumar stands out as the first leader within the 26-party INDIA bloc to openly oppose the decision to swap TV news anchors.

Previous to this, on Thursday, the Opposition bloc unveiled a list of 14 TV news anchors whose shows would be transacted by media representatives of the alliance.

This list surfaced following the first meeting of the collaboration commission within the 26-party bloc held in Delhi, during which a common statement was released. In this statement, the commission empowered its media group to determine the names of anchors whose shows none of the INDIA parties would attend.

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