Noida Schools to Close on September 21 & 22 for Trade Show and Moto Grand Prix

Noida Schools close-“The purpose of this trade show is to create a big opportunity for traders and business people in Uttar Pradesh. It’s similar to the International Trade Show that happens every year in Pragati Maidan, Delhi,” mentioned the Greater Noida Authority back in July.

Noida Schools

Noida Schools to close on 21 & 22

Sudip Sarkar, who is the CEO of India Expo Mart, explained that the UP International Trade Show will highlight the potential of small and medium-sized businesses, tourism, healthcare, textiles, and agriculture in the state. In addition to these, you can expect to see food processing businesses, new startups, groups related to toys, craft makers, handloom producers, and textile companies.

The UP government’s goal with this initiative is to make sure that the industries in Noida-Greater Noida receive recognition on a global scale, as stated by Vipin Malhan, the President of the Noida Entrepreneurs Association.”

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