Bihar’s Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, Says No to INDIA Bloc’s Plan to Avoid 14 News Anchors’ Shows.

On Saturday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar raised his disagreement with the recent decision made by the INDIA bloc to swap TV shows and events hosted by 14 intelligencers and news anchors in Bihar. He emphatically stated,” I hold no enmity towards any intelligencer, and blacking them is unjust.” When asked about his response to the INDIA bloc’s decision to swap the shows featuring these 14 news anchors, Nitish Kumar forcefully expressed his support for intelligencers. He explained,” I see no reason for such a boycott. I stand in favor of intelligencers. intelligencers, when granted complete freedom, will write what they believe is applicable and accurate. Can intelligencers be restrained? Have I ever tried to control them? intelligencers retain the right to express their opinions. I harbor no ill will towards anyone. Blacking isn’t the result. Some individuals presently in power have wielded influence over certain individualities involved in journalism, and these individualities have engaged in misconduct. Are not you apprehensive of these data? I’ve always held the media in high regard.” While inaugurating a girls’ advanced secondary academy named after his partner, … Read more

President Murmu to Open Trade Show in Greater Noida on September 21

President Murmu to Open Trade Show-As President Droupadi Murmu is set to visit Greater Noida, the original police have taken way to ensure screen. They have issued an order that bans the use of private drones in the area. This condition, empowered under CrPC Section 144, is being extended as a palladium. The President is anticipated to inaugurate the Uttar Pradesh International Trade Show from September 21 … Read more

Tragic Accident in Andhra Pradesh: Ambulance Collides with Oil Tanker, Four Family Members Of Odisha Lose Lives, Two Injured

Tragic Accident-In reaction to the quarreling crash that pulverized the serenity of the area, original residents wasted no time rushing to the scene. Their quick and valorous sweats led to the prosperous deliverance of all six individuals who were netted inside the mangled ambulance. Tragically, as participated by Sudhakar Reddy, the position house bobby of Thavanampalle police position, four of these inhabitants capitulated to their injuries on the spot, their lives slashed short by austere head injuries. Meanwhile, the two motorists who sustained injuries in the accident are presently under medical care at a nearby sanitarium. … Read more

Nipah Virus: Schools, Colleges In Kerala’s Kozhikode To Remain Shut Till Sep 24

Nipah Virus- Due to the Nipah contagion outbreak in Kozhikode quarter, the Kerala Government has extended academy and council leaves until September 24. This applies to all seminaries, sodalities, and education centers, but online classes will continue as usual. This decision follows the evidence of one further Nipah contagion case, bringing the total to six cases, with two unfortunate deaths. The State Health Minister, Veena George, mentioned that the list of infected people now includes 1,080 individuals, with 130 new additions in a single day. Among them, 327 are healthcare workers, and 29 are from nearby sections like Malappuram, Kannur, Thrissur, and … Read more

India’s big Samudrayaan Mission: Exploring the Deep Ocean

Samudrayaan Mission-In the wake of India’s major lunar accomplishments, courtesy of ISRO’s Chandrayaan- 3 charge, which comprehended the remarkable Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover, the nation’s thirstiness for disquisition knows no bounds. directly, India stands poised to sail on yet another pioneering passage, this time venturing into the unfathomable heights of the Earth’s abysses. Following the resounding success of Chandrayaan- 3, the country is now in the fray of developing its demoiselle deep-ocean disquisition action aptly named” Samudrayaan.” This … Read more

How to Recognize and Prevent Scrub Typhus: Stay Safe in Odisha as 5 deaths in Odisha district

Scrub Typhus- Lately, there has been a worrying outbreak of mite typhus in Odisha’s Bargarh quarter. Original officers report that this outbreak has tragically claimed the lives of five people, with an fresh four individualities testing positive for the infection. Scrub Typhus Sadhu Charan Das, the quarter’s public health officer, has participated that two of the departed were from the Sohela block, while one each came from the Attabira, Bheden, and Barpali blocks in the quarter. The cases were linked through testing at different medical installations, including Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical lores and Research( VIMSAR) in Burla, Vikash Hospital … Read more

Kerala’s New Nipah Case Takes Total Count To 5, 706 On Contact List

New Nipah Case-Contact tracing in response to the Nipah outbreak in Kozhikode quarter has handed pivotal perceptivity into the movements of those affected. The first victim, a 47- time-old, started showing symptoms on August 22. On August 23, he attended a family gathering in Tiruvallur from 730 PM to 10 PM and returned home on … Read more